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Hardwood Floor Sanding And Recoating

Essential Steps To Preserve Your Floors

Hardwood floors add value and beauty to your home, but if they are not properly maintained, they could become an eye sore. A properly maintained hardwood floor lasts longer, requires less repair, and is easier to restore when necessary. If your home’s flooring has lost its luster, it might be time to have it professionally refinished and restored. Robar Flooring offers professional hardwood floor sanding and recoating services.

10 Tips For Maintaining Your Hardwood Floors

It does not matter if you plan on selling your home or living in it for a while your floors need maintenance just as much as your car does. These tips can help keep your floors looking smooth, shiny and beautiful year-round.

  • Do not wet mop your hardwood floors. Water exposure wears down the floor over time. If water spills either by accident, a leaking pipe, leaking roof, etc., clean it up right away.
  • Use floor protectors on the bottom of your furniture. When you move furniture it can scratch the surface of your hardwood floors. Avoid this by using felt floor protectors on the bottom of your furniture pieces.
  • Use rugs in high-traffic areas. This protects the floor and can add a personal touch to every room.
  • Move heavy items with care. Deep scratches, dents and gouges are difficult to sand out, but you can avoid them by not dragging or dropping heavy items on the floors.
  • Protect the floor when you paint. Tape drop cloths and cover the floor entirely to avoid spills or damage from any abrasive equipment.
  • Sweep, dust and vacuum year-round. High-traffic areas are going to get worn with a buildup of dust, dirt and dander. Keep the surfaces clean by sweeping and dusting them regularly.
  • Be cautious with pets. Keep their nails short to avoid deep scratches and clean up messes right away. Pet stains can permanently damage your wood.
  • Test your floors before recoating. Previous cleaning products that remain on the floor can ruin your recoat.
  • Buff and recoat your hardwood floors every couple of years.
  • Invest in hardwood floor sanding. A floor can usually take four to five sanding sessions in a lifetime.

Are you in need of professional hardwood floor refinishing services? Robar Flooring provides superior hardwood floor installation, sanding, and recoating services. Call us today or request a quote online for our flooring services.

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Samples of hardwood flooring installation

There are many options and possibilities when it comes to hardwood flooring installation. Few of the most common types include:

All of the above are either nailed or glued down on top of existing sub-floor. In condominiums or commercial properties where sub-floor consists of concrete, plywood is applied on top of the slab in order to allow for nailing of the floor. All glued down floors can be directly applied on top of the concrete. See diagrams below outlining different floor types, installation techniques as well as examples of transition and finishing trims commonly used.