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Mississauga Hardwood FlooringHardwood flooring is very popular primarily for its aesthetic appeal. The warmth and elegance is suitable for any kind of décor. Plus, with the appropriate care and maintenance, these floors can last you for well over 20 years, adding durability to aesthetic appeal.

The good thing about hardwood flooring is that its appearance often tends to get better with age. Robar Flooring offers you a variety of hardwood floors manufactured from high grade timber that will age beautifully and deliver ongoing value for your investment.

Hardwood Flooring Services In Mississauga

We can install both solid and engineered hardwood flooring in Mississauga. Both these types of flooring have their own set of benefits.

Solid Hardwood Flooring

  • Milled from lumber and suits any floor space
  • Allows refinishing to retain its natural luster
  • Not recommended for moist surfaces like bathrooms and basements

Engineered Hardwood Flooring

  • Combines a thin and robust hardwood layer with multiple layers of fireboard or plywood
  • Highly moisture resistant as it is laminated
  • Extremely strong due to its multiple layers

Our range of flooring allows you an ample selection of colours and textures. You are sure to find a good match for the style and ambience you wish to create in your home or office.

Choose Robar For Hardwood Flooring Installation

Hardwood floors require a certain level of installation expertise and experience that Robar is known to deliver exceptionally well. Maintenance alone cannot sustain hardwood floors, the installation plays a big role in keeping them intact for years. Our detailed process takes care of everything from removing your existing flooring and preparing it to install your new hardwood floor.

We train our experts on the latest and most advanced installation techniques and also furnish them with top of the line equipment and materials needed for skillful, timely installations.

Get the best hardwood flooring installed in Mississauga by calling Robar today by calling 416-822-6184 or contact us online.

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Samples of hardwood flooring installation

There are many options and possibilities when it comes to hardwood flooring installation. Few of the most common types include:

All of the above are either nailed or glued down on top of existing sub-floor. In condominiums or commercial properties where sub-floor consists of concrete, plywood is applied on top of the slab in order to allow for nailing of the floor. All glued down floors can be directly applied on top of the concrete. See diagrams below outlining different floor types, installation techniques as well as examples of transition and finishing trims commonly used.