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Exceptional Hardwood Flooring Services In North York

Hardwood Flooring North YorkTaking extra time to find the right options for hardwood flooring in your home will pay off in many ways.

The first step is to find the right specialist; one who carries the floors you want, provides professional installation services and can give you the expert advice and courteous service you're always looking for but can never seem to find.

Discover Robar Flooring

Home or office, if you already enjoy hardwood or want to dicover the beauty richness and ambience it can bring, Robar will give you complete end-to-end service:

  • Expert Advice: When you call Robar, your questions and comments are always welcome and the expert advice and firm quotations we give are always free. All you have to do is ask.
  • Types Of Wood Floor: There are different categories of wood floor and the more you know about them, the better the choice you will make.
    • Woods - While oak, maple, birch and cherry are the most popular, Robar offers a wide selection of the finest woods from around the world, including walnut, pine and eco-friendly options
    • Unfinished - Finished on-site during installation, you can get a totally unique look and feel in your home with unfinished plank, strip or parquet flooring options
    • Pre-finished - Avaialble in a wide-variety of species, stains and finishes, pre-finished choices they do not need to be sanded and refinished on-site
    • Engineered - A combination of solid wood and plywood, engineered floors are a less expensive option that will give you the same look and feel as regular hardwood.
  • Professional Installation: From sub-floor preparations to final finish on whatever type of floor you choose, your floors will be installed with care and a focus on minimizing the interruption to your home or business.

Get the best hardwood flooring in North York by calling Robar today at 416-822-6184 or contact us.

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Samples of hardwood flooring installation

There are many options and possibilities when it comes to hardwood flooring installation. Few of the most common types include:

All of the above are either nailed or glued down on top of existing sub-floor. In condominiums or commercial properties where sub-floor consists of concrete, plywood is applied on top of the slab in order to allow for nailing of the floor. All glued down floors can be directly applied on top of the concrete. See diagrams below outlining different floor types, installation techniques as well as examples of transition and finishing trims commonly used.